Summer is practically synonymous with travel, but have you ever wondered how to do it in a more sustainable way? Here we have collected 5 tips to make your journey and your stay less impactful on the environment.

  1. Travel with a water bottle

Instead of buying and drinking from many plastic bottles, take a reusable bottle with you. Simply refilling the same bottle over and over will reduce considerably the amount of waste you produce and will also save you money. Another advantage? Many reusable bottles are able to keep your drink hot or cold for several hours.  

  1. Visit the place on foot or by bike

Once you arrive at your destination, visit the place on foot or by bike to reduce your carbon footprint. This will allow you to experience the place at its best, as well as doing some exercise. Take a large city, for example: walking or cycling will allow you to avoid traffic jams and see sights that are often hidden to those who drive.

  1. Live with respect for nature, people and things around you

Before visiting a place, be well informed about any rules to be respected. Do not pick flowers in a national park, or do not take sand home as a souvenir from a beach: everything is part of an ecosystem.

  1. Do not leave plastic or rubbish on the ground

Had the idea of having a picnic in a park? Wonderful, but remember not to leave rubbish on the ground!

  1. Try to sleep in an eco-sustainable facility

Ecobnb is a fantastic marketplace where you can find eco-sustainable accommodations for your holidays. Facilities that can be found with this search system all have certain features and offer specific services, such as organic food, 100% renewable energy and rainwater reuse. If you cannot find an accommodation that suits your needs, you can still make your stay greener, for example by switching off the lights when you are not in the room or reusing the towels provided several times.

Being a sustainable tourist does not only mean not ruining the place you visit, but also leaving it as you found it (if not better) for the tourists who will come after! So, enjoy your holidays, but do it responsibly!

July 06, 2021 — Kauri Store