Who We Are

RE-BELLO is the first fashion label Made in Italy where sustainability, design, innovation and transparency go hand in hand.

Founded in 2010 in Bolzano, RE-BELLO was a pioneer, a first mover in understanding the potential of a new trend of the time, namely Sustainability. Costumers needed an alternative, and it was the moment to start embracing the principles of slow fashion. Indeed, RE-BELLO stands for sustainable rebellion and unconventional behaviors: we say no to the rhythms of FAST FASHION, and we are committed to create a TIMELESS fashion in the respect of the environment and people.

We put into practice the idea of a truly sustainable clothing brand by offering outstanding total looks for Women & Men made of premium eco-friendly materials (e.g. eucalyptus, beech wood, up-cycled PET and cashmere, etc.), with a unique design.

Our Values


We say NO to the crazy logics of fashion: NO to collections, NO to sales to encourage our costumers to buy less but better.


We are aware and committed to change the dynamics in the fashion industry in the respect of our planet and our health.


We are pioneers in the field of sustainable fashion. We stronly believe in the combination of Sustainability and Innovation as the solution for a better future.


Buy less, but better is the answer. What we need nowadays is a simple and timeless design.


We are fully transparent in our mission, and fair production.

Our Mission

We want to inspire people to buy less. Nonsense? Absolutely not! After 10 years of experience in the field, RE-BELLO has understood that the solution to be completely sustainable is to reduce consumption. We consider fashion as the expression of who we are, and it should be always designed, produced and worn with respect. We enjoy life, love the world we live in and want to ensure people and next generations the quality of life that they deserve.

At the moment the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. For this reason we want to be in the front line, by choosing ehtically, fairly produced sustainable fabrics that are also innovative, comfortable and stylish, to minimize the impact on the environment. It is a fact that the production of textiles always has an impact on the environment but we wish to minimize that IMPACT by choosing sustainable fibers of high quality.



" Timeless garments with a unique style and design made of long lasting and quality natural materials: the only way to be truly sustainable is to produce less and consequently to foster clients to buy less" .