In 2011, Re-Bello, a sustainable fashion brand made in Italy and based in Bolzano was officially born. Daniel Tocca together with two close friends were interested in the wolrd of fashion and fully aware of how fashion industry was the second most polluting sector on a global scale. For this reason they felt the need to create something diverse and innovative at the time. In particular, Daniel had a inspring experience in Rotterdam, where he studied for his Master in Entrepeneurship.

After entering a shop selling sustainable clothing but without style or design, he knew in that moment that his aim as emerging entrepeneur had to be creating a fashion label where sustainability met made in Italy design. So in a heartbeat, Re-Bello start up was brought to life by motivated and committed young entrepeneurs, willing to leave a mark in the fashion sector.

Starting from 2011, the Re-Bello dream became bigger and bigger, achieving a high status in the world of fashion. Everyone was talking of the Re-Bello phenomenon, the pioneer of sustainable fashion in Italy, which was spreading the message to join the green revolution wolrdwide. The name Re-Bello indeed reminds to the concept of "Beautiful Revolution". The mission was to offer consumers a green alternative, good for the planet and a message of hope to change the status quo of the fashion industry. Nevertheless, design and style were core aspects to consider when developing the collection. Thus, in 2015 a huge achievement was accomplished, with the collaboration of Ivan Omazic as star designer starting from the SS16 collection.

In November 2019 a new chapter began for Re-Bello. Sara Pacifici, former CMO at Re-Bello, bought the company and decided for a change in its structure. Sara after a Master in Business Management at Bocconi University and many experiences abroad, felt that the world of sustainable fashion was her way. Through the years she gained a lot of experience in the world of consultancy and sustainable fashion, working also in the marketing area. Sharing the same values as Daniel, she saw in Re-Bello a lot of growth potential for the green message this business wants to convey. Starting from November, the structure of Re-Bello changed by enhancing a new business model. The passage from a B2B to a B2C model has been crucial in the new reconfiguration of Re-Bello. Business to Consumer (B2C) means we distribute our garments directly to customers through three channels: Re-bello online shop Kauri Store, sustainable lifestyle stores in which Re-Bello is top partner B2C fairs dedicated to green fashion to raise awareness Deciding to go for a B2C model is an advantage, as customers can enjoy our pieces at affordable prices compared to a Business to Business (B2B) model, which is more costly. Besides, this kind of model enables us to avoid overproduction and unsold stock since we directly sell from our inventory. Thus, this business model is the solution to make Sustainability accessible, by offering an alternative to fast fashion for everyone.

In the reconfiguration of Re-Bello, we knew it was of vital importance to stress our mission and our claim in our communication, as pioneers of Sustainable fashion in Italy. Our message, since many years, is fostering a change in the fashion industry. For this reason we decided that our mission had to be inspiring people to buy less and better, by going against the consumerism of fast fashion. With "Buy (time)less" we address the fact that our garments are timeless thanks to the unique design by Re-Bello, and the sustainable materials employed. Buying timeless , means choosing quality over quantity, by having pieces lasting for years thanks to the high quality production of our clothing. WHAT WE HAVE REACHED UNTIL TODAY As of today, what we have achieved in these 10 years is remarkable. - About 400,000 sustainable garments for about 150,000 people produced. It can be estimated that these garments had an environmental impact of about 50% less than conventional garments. - In 2019 we became parte of the Kauri Store community, sustainable lifestyle stores where we sell our products to about 12,000 people per year, always with a much lower impact than alternatives on the market. - We managed to send a message to people concerning a more responsible consumption, driving people to buy less. - We inspired 3 companies to start with sustainable fashion ideas and we help about 20-30 companies a year to find more sustainable solutions for their productions - We are committed to bring the change in our society, but without pointing the finger. None is perfect, but with many small steps we can change a lot. We believe we are following the right path to accomplish our mission.