September has arrived and with it everything that we had put off until after the holidays. But now it's time to go back to school, university or the office, and it's best not to be caught unprepared in order not to add further stress to the comeback from the summer break. Here are some of the must-have accessories that combine functionality, fashion and sustainability!


A backpack that suits your needs in terms of capacity (but also in terms of aesthetics) is essential. Even better if, like these three brands we are proud to represent here in Kauri Store, they aim at achieving a circular model, thus recycling the waste material we produce.

To begin with, Lefrik’s backpacks are lightweight, come in beautiful colours and prints and are entirely made with recycled polyester from PET bottles. The Scout backpack is ideal for school because it is roomy and has many compartments. Of this product there’s also a mini version your little ones will love. Alternatively, there is the elegant but functional Smart Daily backpack, which is perfect for university or the office since it features a compartment to store your laptop and several pockets for everything you need.

With a more urban style, Airpaq’s backpacks are made with upcycled airbags and seatbelts from old cars, which makes them waterproof and extremely resistant. You can choose between the slimmer Basiq or the larger Airpaq 2.0, that you can also use for weekend trips out of town.

Finally, the Swiss brand Freitag upcycles truck tarps and transforms them into functional but stylish bags, backpacks, and other accessories. Originally designed for cyclists, these products are easily adapted to other needs as well. Whether you go to work on the metro, walk to university or take the bus to school, a Freitag backpack like the F306 Hazzard or F201 Pete can be a great ally.


Let's move on to cases to keep all your writing materials in order. The September case by Lefrik will contain just the essentials and is therefore perfect for attending meetings on those chairs with the tiny table. Slightly bigger is the MK case from the same brand, which comes with three internal mesh pockets to keep your things organized. If you need even more space, the F35 Cheyenne case is for you. It has an inner pocket and a small mirror, and you can put lots of coloured markers and highlighters inside for your wonderful notes.

And to protect your laptop, there is nothing better than the Freitag F411 Sleeve, a robust case with a soft inner lining. Carry it under your arm or put it in your backpack, this 13- or 14-inch laptop sleeve will add the perfect urban touch to your outfit!


So, it's time to start again with the right energy and be productive: do it with the best sustainable accessories!


Discover our selection of backpacks and accessories for school or the office online or in store! We are waiting for you!

September 01, 2021 — Kauri Store