The world of Sustainable fashion is wide and concerns many aspects, from production to working conditions. At Kauri Store you can find brands committed to Sustainability in many ways, willing to change things and have an impact on current society.

Concerning the aspect of materials, the topic is very broad and often controversial. Indeed, not all sustainable materials have a zero impact on the environment. According to the Eco-ranking, materials can be classified as of class A, B, C and D, from the most sustainable one to the least. Why saying so? Because nobody is perfect, but what is important is to realize that at least there is someone who is trying to change things in the world of fashion, with innovative ideas.

Today the main protagonist is a zero-impact fabric known as Re-Verso Cashmere, or recycled cashmere. What is it about? It is cashmere made mostly from post-consumer and pre-consumer yarn with the Re-Verso™ technique, a new way production process 100% made in Italy that combines science and technology with sustainability to create a Circular Economy manufacturing system for high-quality wool and cashmere. 

How it works?

The yarn is first collected to be separated by colors. The knit panels are then shred into the fiber form, cleaned, re-dyed and spun back into a new yarn, that can become a new garment! 

Besides having a minor impact on the environment, recycled cashmere has also many benefits by being softer, smoother and lighter than traditional wool, and mostly super warm.

At Kauri Store, Re-Bello produced for the AW20 collections knitwear and coats in recycled cashmere. Dream garments!


January 13, 2021 — Kauri Store