29th of July marked the Earth Overshoot Day, which is the day when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. From now on it is as if we are borrowing resources from 2022, as if there is a planet B.

In addition, over the past week you must have heard, if not seen with you own eyes, of climate disasters happening around the world. For example, heavy and persistent rainfall in Como caused landslides and flooding. At the same time, hot and dry weather conditions are fuelling the wildfires that are burning down Turkey, with severe consequences for people, animals and buildings.


With Overshoot Day arriving earlier and earlier every year and with extreme climate events intensifying in frequency and strength, pointing the finger is not sufficient anymore. A structured action plan to tackle climate change is needed, not only at government level, but also by those agents responsible for a significant proportion of pollution, such as the clothing industry. With their commitment to different sectors, some of the brands you can find in Kauri Store (and which we are really proud of) are doing it right!


Since its founding in 2016, the Swiss brand Nikin collaborates with One Tree Planted, a climate-friendly and non-profit organization from the US, committed to reconstitute areas from which trees have disappeared due to climatic events or human activities. For each product sold 1$ is donated to OTP and Nikin has now reached the incredible milestone of one million trees planted, thus helping to preserve biodiversity, produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide!


The Spanish brand Ecoalf takes concrete action as well with the Ecoalf Foundation, a non-profit organization which is primarily concerned with waste recovery. Their main project at the moment is “Upcycling the Oceans”, which consists in collecting marine waste and transforming it into high quality recycled filaments used by Ecoalf to create unforgettable sustainable looks. The project is now active in Spain, Greece, Italy and Thailand, but it aims at expanding to other countries.


Find out more about Nikin and Ecoalf's climate-friendly activities by visiting their websites or discover our selection of their sustainable products online or in shop.








August 02, 2021 — Kauri Store