Innovation is not only about artificial intelligence applied to robotics, but also about everyday actions, such as dressing, storing food or taking care of your skin! And today you cannot talk about innovation without mentioning sustainability, the driving force behind the lifestyle promoted by the brands you can find at Kauri Store.


Using raw materials which come directly from nature and have obtained internationally recognised certifications is synonymous with great attention to the product’s impact on the environment.

For example, Calida's 100% NATURE line is 100% compostable: this means that the product can be disposed of with other organic waste at the end of its life. The Little Bee Fresh cloths are made of beeswax, organic cotton and cotton resin and can be used many times over instead of disposable plastic film to cover food containers or wrap food. Finally, Hillinger Cosmetics products contain grapes from controlled organic cultivation, which have effective antioxidant properties.


And why not reuse existing materials? This too is sustainable innovation and many brands are doing it right!

Xacus produces modern, professionally designed shirts from fishing nets abandoned on the seabed: this fabric not only helps clean up the oceans, but also the shirt produced does not need to be ironed, so it’s perfect for those living a frenetic life. Womsh has launched a line of vegan shoes that are made of Apple Skin, the result of the apple waste process from Trentino, which can reproduce the feel of real leather. Another example is Ecoalf's slippers, made of algae and rubber obtained through a complicated process from used tyres. A-dam's costumes are made of recycled bottle plastic: each costume contains approximately 8 bottles, of which 30% is recovered from the ocean. Finally, Luna Viva gives a second life to candy wrappers, which it uses to make brightly coloured bags.


When sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, you get higher quality products with less impact on the environment. This shows that things can be done better and more sustainably from the long-term perspective, which is extremely important for the planet we want to leave to future generations.


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June 16, 2021 — Kauri Store