This week, or even this month, you have been bombarded with emails and advertisements announcing the big Black Friday discounts. While this day allows people to buy what they could not afford at full price, it also encourages unbridled consumerism (especially from the sofa at home), which is known to be harmful to the environment and to workers in the sector.


For example, environmental impact of online shopping can be measured through CO2 emissions. According to The Dirty Delivery Report 2021, the Black Friday sales could produce 386,243 tonnes of carbon emissions into the atmosphere this year, which is equivalent to roughly 215 flights between London and Sydney or 3,679 blue whales.

Unbridled consumerism also affects workers: In fact, the brands that give the most discounts are often those that outsource to countries with a high risk of labour abuse. In addition, the increased volume of shipments often forces couriers to work longer shifts.


For these reasons, Kauri Store will not apply promotions to its products. However, we are happy to encourage more conscious shopping: here are our tips!


First of all, try to avoid impulse buys by asking yourself “Do I really need this product?” or “Can I borrow it from somewhere instead?”. In addition, choose quality and sustainable products over unethical brands: everything you can find at Kauri Store meets these requirements, but you can do your own research on the Good On You directory. Finally, pick clothes that you will wear not only for one season but that you think you can easily combine in the future as well.


In a nutshell, the Green Friday motto is “buy less, choose well, make it last”!


PS: If you want to support the Green Friday Week, you’ll receive as giveaway our reusable bag made from recycled cotton for every sustainable purchase on our online shop!




Photo by Avelino Calvar Martinez on Burst Shopify



November 24, 2021 — Kauri Store