As you can see by looking at the top of this page, the new logo features a small leaf on the letter u. This not only links to the idea of nature, but also to the name of the shop!

The Plant Kauri is among the largest species of tree in the world. These trees have been felled by cataclysms and buried in the mud of the marshes, a set of climatic conditions that has left them intact for a period ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 years. What makes the Kauri incredibly fascinating is that despite its long stay under the mud it is neither rotten nor petrified, allowing the man to work it like a freshly cut wood. Moreover, the Kauri can be considered as the most environmentally friendly wood in the world since it does not require any deforestation to process it.

We got inspired from this plant because it’s a unique resource which is considered very eco-friendly and long lasting. It is a symbol for care, quality, nature, preservation, and reuse, all the values in which we deeply believe and which we hope to pass on to our customers.

From now on you will not only find the logo on our shop window, but also on our paper shopping bags! And for those who register for our newsletter there is a fantastic surprise: a reusable fabric bag, made of recyclable cotton in Turkey, that you can receive with your purchase in shop or with your first order online!

Visit us in shop or take a look at our website to spot our new logo!



Photo by Yathursan Gunaratnam on Unsplash

October 13, 2021 — Kauri Store