Temperatures are dropping, the leaves are starting to fall, and the days are getting shorter - all unmistakable signs of autumn's arrival. But while the idea of leaving summer behind puts us in a bad mood, we should welcome autumn as it gives us plenty of opportunities to create fantastic outfits! Here are some of this season's trendiest items with a sustainable twist.


An evergreen of Autumn-Winter is brown in all its shades: from sand, to beige, to chocolate, this colour, which made its mark on the 2021 summer scene, will also be perfect for this year's autumn and winter seasons.

Also, perhaps not ready to abandon the loungewear we got used to during the lockdown, another key word for this season will be comfort. Combining these two elements perfectly are the Odra top and Cega trousers by Ecoalf: made from recycled polyester and organic cotton, this beige set is both comfortable and stylish.


Another must-have for Autumn-Winter 2021 (but which can actually be worn all year round) are jeans, preferably dark, high-waisted, and loose-fitting. Those by Par.co Denim, like the Tulip model, are made in Italy with the utmost attention to the sustainability of the production chain: in fact, the jeans are all made from organic cotton and are treated without chemicals that are harmful to humans or the environment.


To complete your look for the colder season, chunky boots are a must, even better if they have a large platform. Womsh has created several models, from the classic Vegan Moon Ink amphibian to the more current Vegan Jump Ink and Vegan Loop Ink ankle boots, and the best thing is that these products are entirely vegan. In fact, they are made of apple leather, an innovative material obtained from the processing of apple waste from Trentino and which reproduces the feeling of real leather to the touch.


Last but not least: always remember the philosophy of "buy less, but better". The points listed above are meant to be a starting point for your looks this season, but this does not necessarily mean following the trends dictated by the catwalks. Every purchase should be considered in the context of a timeless wardrobe. In other words, don't buy a garment just because it's fashionable: ask yourself if you'll wear it in years to come once this trend has faded into the background!


Discover the new arrivals of the Autumn-Winter 21 collection online or in shop! We are waiting for you!






September 22, 2021 — Kauri Store