The list of environmental benefits of bamboo is long:

– Bamboo has the advantage of growing very fast: it reaches its maximum height (up to 35m) in about 8 to 10 weeks.

– It can be harvested without affecting negatively the environment.

– Compared to other plantations, bamboo uses only 1/3 of the water and rainwater alone is efficient enough.

– It generates up to 35% more oxygen than other plantations.

– 1 hectare bamboo can produce 60 ton of raw-materials, while a hectare of conventional cotton can only produce 2 tons. The bamboo yarn is obtained from viscose, which is derived from the pulp of the plant. This extraction process, demands water and chemical solvents.

In order to minimize this impact RE-BELLO combines the fiber of bamboo (70%) with organic cotton (30%).The fiber obtained is biodegradable, supremely soft, silky and hypoallergenic.