Regenerated Nylon

Used fisher nets, old carpets and other nylon waste can be used to produce a very soft and silk like nylon fabric, able to merge high quality and sustainability.

The upcycled nylon yarn used in the RE-BELLO collection is produced by Aquafil S.p.A., a company based in Arco (Trento), owning the ECONYL ® technology. The ECONYL® yarn is a 100% regenerated Nylon coming from pre- and post-consumer Nylon waste (e.g. used fisher nets, carpets, etc.). The ECONYL® Regeneration system is a unique chemical and mechanical process that allows to create regenerated yarn from waste keeping the same purity and characteristics of Nylon coming from virgin raw material. With this yarn, numerous textile products can be created with a double advantage for the environment.

From one side we use in a smart way waste material that would otherwise remain wasted in the environment, and from the other side, we save precious raw material that is normally used in the production of Nylon.