Upcycled wool

Soft, warm and breathable: upcycled wool preserves all the properties of traditional wool. This material has the great advantage to come from an already existing resource: virgin wool that has already been used. In order to be recycled wool passes through a production process that breaks up the old and not anymore usable yarns in small fibers. In this way most of the phases of production, like the fiber’s extraction process, that otherwise would be harmful to the environment, are avoided. In order to balance the CO2 emitted during this process, an amount of trees are planted (though buying green certificates). This ensures that the recycled wool is CO2 neutral. In Re-Bello we also use upcycled boiled wool which gives to our garments an higher level of softness.


A special blend of premium quality: upcycled wool combined with the purest and finest 5% cashmere. Softer than traditional wool, this material remains smoother and lighter, offering remarkable insulation properties.