The leather used for RE-BELLO garments is tanned with the natural enzyme of olive leaves which makes it extremely soft as well as biodegradable.

RE-BELLO decided to adopt leather and create a leather jacket which represents the “essence of a rebel”, always respecting nature - for example in regard to the exploitation of livestock.

Our aspiration has been complete avoidance of chemicals, which can harm our environment. During the tanning process leather is treated with a natural agent extracted from olive leaves, dried with a process similar to the one of tea.

It presents optimum skin compatibility and is totally biodegradable.

Our leather is from animal farms where the animals are free to move, run and tangle.

This is the reason why imperfections on the jacket’s surface are to be considered as a distinctive sign, the mark of a treatment in respect of nature.

September 28, 2022 — Kauri Store