The PET fabric used by RE-BELLO is made in Italy and it's a fine synthetic silk, a symbol of innovation and quality, obtained from plastic bottles.

This is a unique and certified Made in Italy yarn derived from 100% post-consumption plastic bottles, treated with a process that turns what we use to call trash in a “distillate” of polyethylene - a synthetic silk with better qualities than fabrics gained with traditional virgin polymers.

These are the processing stages:

  1. An Italian company recovers plastic bottles in northern Italy only and divides them according to type.
  2. The selected material is collected, cleaned, cut and then converted into a polymer, which is suitable for spinning.
  3. The polymer is converted into a range of recycled polyester yarns, suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Technological know-how developed through years of experience, research and innovation guarantee a high-performance fabric of excellent quality. And the most incredible thing is that you start the process !

Drink – Recycle – Wear

September 30, 2022 — Kauri Store