Dear community,
On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, we want to raise awareness on the condition of this gender in the fashion industry.

Although this field is perceived as an all-female universe, managed by women and addressed to them, the reality behind this glamorous surface is quite different: the wellbeing of millions of women around the world suffers at the hands of fashion’s race to produce more, faster, and cheaper.

There are about 40-60 million workers in this environment and many more in other parts of the supply chain. In most cases, garment workers’ wages are too low to have a decent living. Additionally, employees are subjected to countless violations and forced to work overtime in unsafe working conditions. Women are often denied maternity leave and subjected to gender-based violence, such as sexual abuse and harassment.

Although women make up the majority of textile artisans, gender-based wage discrimination occurs on a large scale. Even if men constitute a minority throughout the fashion supply chain, they tend to work in better-paid, higher-level positions such as general managers and supervisors. On the other hand, women hold less than 25 percent of the leadership positions in top fashion companies.

Given the reality of the fashion industry, we are proud to present to you some of our brands that take action by supporting special projects that defend the rights of women in this field. All of them are responsible to their workers and composed (almost) entirely of women.

Since 1999 Lanius aims make feminine fashion under fair conditions, combining sustainable materials with sophisticated designs. On International Women’s Day, they donate 10% of the daily income to FEMNE. This organization aims to effectively anchor a similar improvement of the living conditions for workers locally, assuring them training, legal assistance, and support.

A Beautiful Story’s team is a group of women of all sorts and sizes: different ages, different backgrounds, from different countries. All passionate about social mission, they believe in equality, independence, and most of all in co-creation.

Luna Viva collaborates with Mexican artisans respecting their handcraft, and paying them fairly. By doing this the workers can support themselves and their families.

Women themselves can be the key to social change. By providing better working conditions, they would create a more positive working environment, becoming an example for future female entrepreneurs.

Sustainability is not only about the environment but also the social side. Choosing ethical brands that take this factor into account is also a way to fight for a better planet. Supporting women means fighting for a more sustainable future and a fairer fashion industry.

March 08, 2022 — Kauri Store