Dear Community,

Spring has finally arrived, and as usual, we can’t wait to wear the colors that will accompany us until summer.

Last year’s fashion shows made it clear: yellow, orange, and pink are the season’s favorites, as well as light blue, green, and white. From the brightest shades to the softest and dusty ones, dress them up and be sure that you will make everyone stop and stare.

Among the sustainable alternatives, a fashion brand that did not leave this detail to slip away is Ecoalf. However, its inspiration goes beyond a simple trend, as its latest SS22 collection aims to raise awareness about the extinction of coral reefs.

‘Lost Color’ ECOALF SS collection represents the unique shades of the ocean that are being lost due to rising temperatures and pollution. The ocean, essential to preserve our ecosystem and to generate the oxygen we breathe, is being used as a dumping ground. The waste is affecting corals, triggering the loss of their bright hues and causing their transition to white.

The coral reef is the largest living organism on the planet and it is what makes the atmosphere on Earth breathable by storing huge amounts of CO2. It also supports over 25% of life under the sea, but many corals have already disappeared, and the prospect is that by 2050 half of them will no longer be alive.
Therefore, it is in our hands to recover the ecosystem of the oceans, #BeacuseTherIsNoPlanetB, as the company emphasizes. For the same reason, for several years, Ecoalf with its Foundation has as its main objective to promote the recovery of waste to recycle them, avoid their harmful effects on the environment, and save marine life.
Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the change and have a look at the latest arrivals from Ecoalf, for Men, Women, and Kids, and raise awareness while wearing the coolest ethical looks.
March 22, 2022 — Kauri Store