Restoring degraded Portuguese lands by supporting a Swiss brand

Dear community, as you already know, we select our brands based on their sustainable values considering different perspectives such as raw material, production, and environmental impact.

We also have at heart brands that have social and environmental giving back projects.

Among our favorites, there is Nikin, a swiss clothing brand that designs fair and sustainable fashion for men, women, and kids, including accessories perfect for everyday life. Like our colorful selection of TreeBottles made of stainless steel.

Nikin is always looking for the best compromise between sustainability and affordability and always trying to find even better production methods as well as materials and handling processes. But, what makes Nikin special?

They collaborate with One Tree Planted, by planting a tree for each product and supporting different initiatives around the world.

This February, for example, they decided to help Portugal through the “Free Trees for Portugal” project.

Trees are planted where they previously fell victim to forest fires. This initiative aims to reduce desertification, by restoring deforested areas and creating a healthier ecosystem. This project not only helps the environment but also empowers the local communities, by encouraging them to continue the work of ecological restoration.

When degraded land (from forest fires and desertification) is restored and the native flora is reintroduced back to it, recovered water tables can prevent further soil erosion, keeping the ecosystem stable.

Take the chance to take a look at our collection and don’t forget that by buying Nikin you are not only treating yourself to sustainable item but you are also giving back to the planet by supporting an environmental project.

February 23, 2022 — Kauri Store